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Updated- GMFD Company Bio:                                                         08/20/2021

GMFD LLC is a small Branson, Missouri based company Doing Business As, 'A Veteran & His Boss." We were on such a roll when we opened our doors in 2017 until COIVD-19 hit in the fall of 2020. Since then, we have had plenty of time to regroup and change the way we do things now. Since COVID and because the likes of many big Companies (That I don't want to mention) who had a hand in many Small Businesses shutting down during this pandemic, we decided to and changed our business plan to give back and Support Small Business who also pride themselves in making/selling, "Made In America," Products.


So when you walk into our Brick and Mortar you will still find our GMFD and my wife's Holly & Hocks branded clothing & accessories, as well as other American Made Products from many Veteran, Woman, Husband & Wife Owned Small Businesses from all across these United States of America. You will now find items such as laser etched accessories, organic soaps, beard balm, home decor, decals, patches the list goes on and on. We carry something for every and anyone for your friends or family. We pride ourselves in offering quality products and strive to provide you with exceptional Customer Service throughout the whole process of your shopping experience in store at A Veteran & His Boss or online at mygmfdgear.com.  So here is how it all began for Lori and I....


I am now a Retired Military Veteran of 21 years, I served my country faithfully alongside many other veterans.  Here is part of our old Bio on how GMFD came to light... In my 21 year career I was blessed to have been able to travel to many countries around the world throughout my career. Just getting back in January from Rhein-Main Germany in Support of Operation Joint Forge, I volunteered two months after getting back from Germany to go on one of my best/favorite deployments... A then classified location, Cervia, Italy 1999 in Support of Operation Allied Force & Noble Anvil.  It was my home for four months and a place where I woke up every day Thanking God because our 5 just kidding, our 3 star hotel was right across the street from the Adriatic Sea (You know, the Air Force's, Red Carpet Treatment).  Even though we worked 10-16 hour days, watching our F-15's get loaded with armaments and watch them come back with battle damage, we would always end up on the beach, eating the best food in the world (in my opinion) and have a few+ drinks with friends, all while making a pretty penny in per diem ($85 to be exact, refer to Red Carpet Treatment above).  You could say every day was a Great Day.  As simple as it sounds this experience as well as many other deployments in my career lit up and sparked the concept of GMFD.

GMFD came about in 2000, when everyone in the world was using acronyms to describe something or as shorthand via email or text, I had my fair share in my short but career long experience in the Military. One day I was driving to and from work catching all green lights and while I was at work it seemed like nothing could go wrong and everything was going my way (GMFD).  At the end of the duty day I thought to myself, I need an acronym of my own.  As I thought about how my day and how it turned out, God flipped the light switch on and it hit me, and just like that the name and motto of the Company was born, "Every day is a Great Day, for those exceptional days Great Mutha Fuckin' Day."  To me, it is more than just a saying, it was and still is a way of life.  Every morning I wake up thanking my creator for allowing me to be here on this earth.  It is another day to make a difference in my own life as well as the lives of those around me. 

In 2015, I met an amazing woman, who I now call my Wife, Lori Ontiveros.  I gave her the duty title, "The CEO's Boss," because she keeps me in line and focused, hence the name, "A Veteran and His Boss," Huge emphasis on the BOSS part, lol... Lori's Marketing background has been a blessing in helping us launch this business and bringing the company to life. The products we sell are a testament and reflection of my Military career and the journey we are on. We are excited to share GMFD, Holly & Hocks and all the other American Made Products we now carry supporting other Small Businesses across this Great Country, with all our  Veterans, Friends and Family here and around the World.  It has been a long time in the making and we wish to share our journey with you. 

Our doors to our Brick and Mortar opened on July 23,2021, so drop by and see the Veteran and His Boss at A Veteran & His Boss located in Branson, Missouri at 125 S. Business US Highway 65 in the Victory Plaza, Suite 4. I hope you join us on this journey and like us on Facebook at A Veteran & His Boss and Instagram at MY_GMFD_GEAR.  We Love to hear from our GMFD Customers/Family so recommend us to Friends & Family and or just leave us a Review to let us know how we are doing! 


GMFD is not just a saying but a way of life. Every day is a Great Day but why not make every day a Great Mutha' Fuckin' Day!!!


Chris Ontiveros
CEO/CFO GMFD LLC- DBA- A Veteran & His Boss











Victory Plaza 

125 S. Business US Highway 65- Suite 4


( Google- "A VETERAN AND HIS BOSS" for directions)


Customer Service Hours: 

Thurs: 10:00am - 5:00 pm CST

Fri & Sat: 10:00am - 6:00 pm CST

Sun: 12-5 pm CST

Mon: 10-5 pm CST

Business Phone: (417) 544-0895 




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